What if...

The Earth was not tilted on its axis 23.5° but 75°?
The eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit was not 0.016
but 0.6?
Perihelion did not occur on January 2nd but on May 7th?

Let’s look at this analemma from a different point of view; that is from the sun’s point of view looking back towards the Earth.

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It would be interesting to imagine what the Earth's climate would be with such an orbit.
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Analemmas on other planets
Of the nine planets in our solar system, seven of these (including Earth) exhibit the right orbital characteristics for the sun to form an analemmic curve throughout the planet's solar year. The two exceptions to this are Mercury and Venus. The length of day on these two planets almost matches the revolution time around the sun, thus the motion of the sun from one day to the next is not a smooth analemmic curve. In fact, the length of the day on Venus is slightly longer than its' solar year.

Click on a picture below to see a movie and data for each planet and Earth's moon.
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